FP – Velocity Series High Speed Jacks – Aug 7 - 13

2018-08-07 at 09:00 am

Feature Product – Velocity Series High Speed Jacks – Aug 7 - 13

feature product - velocity high speed jack

Our Feature Product this week is the Bulldog brand Velocity series High Speed Jack with a single wired remote. These jacks are loaded with exclusive features and huge performance advantages. Designed for the OEM and Aftermarket Industrial, Horse & Livestock, and RV applications. These jacks take only 20 minutes to install compared to a 2 hour hydraulic jack installation due to the fact that it requires no hoses, pump, hydraulic oil or welding. This jack has faster lifting speeds at comparable loads, take up less space and are able to be used in a tandem setting if you buy the optional tandem remote. Each jack has 12,000 lbs capacity per leg and are fully powered with a proprietary high speed system. They come with a powder coat finish to resist corrosion and are backed by a 5 year limited warranty. Save 15% until Aug 13 by using coupon code I68-F7L-69N

185400 - Velocity High Speed Jack
By Kalina Navratil