FP - Universal Mud Flaps - Oct. 11-Oct. 17

2016-10-11 at 09:00 am

FP - Universal Mud Flaps - Oct. 11-Oct. 17

feature product - universal mud flaps

Our weekly Feature Product this week is 12”x26” Universal Mud Flaps. We have the cut set as well as regular set for both your front and rear wheels. These sets that we are offering are the side for trucks.  Mud Flaps provide protection to your undercarriage, doors and quarter panels. They also limit the amount of debris flung out from your tire and add visual appeal to your vehicle. They’re also fairly inexpensive and easy to install. We are giving you 10% off on these mud flaps - your coupon code is 8UD-N7V-8CE.

Click Here to see the cut mud flaps

Click Here to see the regular mud flaps

By Kalina Navratil