FP - Trimax Wheel Lock - Nov. 15 - Nov. 21

2016-11-15 at 08:30 am

Feature Product – Trimax Ultra-Max Wheel Lock – Nov. 15 – Nov. 21


feature product - trimax wheel lock


We recently wrote an article on how to Prevent Trailer Theft. Click here to open that article. This week, we are offering a Trimax Wheel lock as our Feature Product. This lock has two arms that grabs the rim of the tire and a disc that is designed to cover the lug nuts to prevent theft by removing the ability to take off the tire. The lock easily adjusts to fit many different sized tires and has an adjusting arm so you can tighten the disc closer to the lug nuts on deeper wheel. It also comes with 3 keys and the wheel locks can be keyed alike but have to be special ordered. Your Coupon Code is MJ2-L7G-LFA and that will give you 15% off.


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By Kalina Navratil